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  • Are bathrooms private? Do they accommodate wheelchairs and walkers?
    Some of our bathrooms are private but not all of them. Our bathrooms can accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and shower chairs.
  • Are residents allowed to have pets?
    Legese does not allow pets to live at the residence, however, family members are allowed to bring pets to visit with our residents in designated areas.
  • Does each room have a telephone and cable television? How is billing handled for these services?
    WiFi is provided for all residents and Roku is available on the community television. However, if a resident wants a private telephone line and cable television, those items can be arranged in their bedrooms and billed individually on a monthly basis.
  • May residents smoke in their bedrooms? May they smoke in public areas?
    Residents may not smoke in their bedrooms. However, smoking is allowed in designated areas outside of the home. No smoking paraphrenalia can be stored in a resident's bedroom. Our smoking hours are 7am - 7pm and the smoking policy is strictly enforced.
  • May a resident request special foods or diets? Are common dining areas available?
    If there is a special food or diet request, the information should be given to our Residential Manager to coordinate with Food Services. There is a common dining area but residents should feel free to dine in their bedrooms if they would prefer.
  • What billing options are available?
    Legese is a private-pay facility only. No supplemental insurance is accepted. Room and board is billing on a monthly basis and can be paid by check or direct deposit via Zelle.
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