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Recreational and Social Activities

Happy Senior Couple

Making acquaintances and friends is easy to do at Legese because of our small, intimate size. Residents are encouraged to participate in social and recreational activities in order to make the new residence feel like home. Our recreation and social activities are scheduled by the month. During any given month, you can find these kinds of activities taking place:


Cards, board games and game nights - Arts and crafts classes - Holiday celebrations - Ice cream socials - Cooking classes - Church services - Chair exercises - Movie nights - Book clubs - Music

Personal Care

Patient and Nurse

Personal assistance is provided, as needed, for activities of daily living such as transferring, dressing, and medication reminders.  Three healthy and well-balanced meals will be provided daily. Food allergies and personal preferences of each resident will be taken into consideration when meals are being planned. 

Medication Administration

Home Nurse Examining Patient

Medications are a critical part of maintaining a high-quality life for many seniors. Medication management, to include medication reminders, pharmacy programs and evaluation during administration may be provided to residents to ensure that medications are being taken properly and safely. Whether given by our staff or self-administered by the resident, these assistance programs help prevent harmful medication errors and reduce the risk of medication non-compliance.  

Housekeeping and Laundry

Laundry Room

Housekeeping assistance and laundry services will be provided weekly. Each residents' clothing will be washed separately and returned folded.  

Home Away from Home

Bright Room

At Legese, each of our residents has their own private bedroom and each bedroom comes completely furnished. Residents may bring their own dresser, television and photos to have in their rooms. We want our residents to feel at home because that's exactly what Legese is - home!

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